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Five reasons to shred those documents

paper shredding pieces

Home or work, there are important reasons to make sure that shredding is part of your routine.

  1. It helps protect against identity theft. Criminals find all sorts of ways to access your personal data online but don’t forget that the documents you throw away can also contain confidential information that could aid a fraudster. If in doubt shred.
  2. It helps comply with the law. The 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced big changes in how UK businesses, of all sizes, handle personal data. You might be breaching GDPR by holding certain information. If in doubt, check…. and then if necessary, shred.
  3. It helps the planet. 100% of the shredding that we receive is recycled. Proud to be green? Shred.
  4. It clears space. Regular shredding keeps all your paperwork under control and makes some space in your life. Whether at home or work, have a regular audit…. and shred.
  5. It saves time. Reducing the amount of documents you hold makes things easier to file and find. Who wants to spend longer than necessary searching through paperwork? Retain what is necessary and clear the rest…and then, yep you guessed it, shred!