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Pack up summer…

So summer is finally over, the kids are back at school and it’s time to crack on with clearing the decks both at home and at work.

By the end of August many of us accumulate a whole raft of new possessions associated with hot summer days and holidays by the sea – from hammocks and outdoor games to paddling pools and inflatables. Then there’s the garden furniture, sunbeds and BBQ which spend the winter collecting rust, dust and cobwebs if they aren’t stored away properly. Packing everything neatly into a garage or shed is of course the ideal solution, however, not everyone has the luxury of such space…and even if they do they might need these areas for their car, motorhome, caravan or boat (lucky them!)

So, if its extra space you need there are several options available. Self storage is great if you need regular access to your goods and like the idea of being able to come and go when you please to deliver or pick up items. However, if you don’t need items for several months or longer (such as all that summer gear) then containerised storage could be a better choice. Possessions are packed in specialist furniture containers and stored in a secure warehouse. Then when you need your goods they can be delivered back to you. This type of storage is typically cheaper than self storage due to the less flexible access arrangements.

However, many customers still prefer self storage units as they use them as constant overflow space, changing the contents from season to season. So, in the winter they store all their summer items and in the summer their units hold things such as ski gear, Christmas decorations and winter bedding.

Of course lots of people also store all those things that they just don’t want to part with, yet don’t really have space for in their homes, from household documents, to childhood teddies and unused gifts. Self storage units come in a variety of sizes (the smallest being the size of a locker) so you can normally find one that is the right size no matter how much or how little you have to store. A good self storage firm will offer high standards of security, a goods lift, help with transport and out of hours access – making the whole process flexible and hassle free.

It’s easy to run out of space in today’s world so being organised with your possessions by storing them away can save a lot of stress and restore a sense of calmness to your home.

To find out about the variety of storage options we have available at Yeates, visit our self storage or containerised storage pages or call our friendly team on 01275 872251 who are always happy to help and give advice. Our self storage is now open 7 DAYS A WEEK with out of hours access. Call us today to discuss your needs.