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Secure Document Storage Boxes

Secure Document Storage

In the dynamic, fast-moving world of modern business, it is increasingly important to keep your office and workplace clear and with minimal clutter, in order to make sure you and your employees can work more efficiently. Yet as a business operator, you are obliged, often by law, to retain many items of paperwork and data such as sales and purchase records, contracts, employee records and sometimes other commercially sensitive material for a certain period of time. These records require a safe, secure and confidential storage solution. But you may still need prompt access to your files. At Yeates, we have the solution.

Our professional archive document management service offers secure document storage for your non-current files with quick and easy access when you need it. Moving old documents out of your office frees up space and helps create a better and more efficient working environment. If you are moving premises, having an office clear-out or simply looking to organise your workplace, secure document storage could be just the solution you are looking for. Our professional storage service enables you to clear archived material from your office with the knowledge that all your documents will be securely stored, yet easily retrieved if you need them.

How does our secure document storage work?

  • Contact us to discuss the volume you would like to store and how often you expect to retrieve documents (estimated).
  • Based on your requirements we will provide you with a written estimate of cost.
  • We can provide you with archive boxes to store, organise and record your documents, or if you prefer you may use your own containers.
  • We then collect your packed boxes, you sign the collection and storage documentation and we take the boxes into our care for safekeeping.
  • We remove the storage boxes from your premises, transport them safely to our facility and place them into secure storage. (See details below)
  • You can now enjoy your new-found office space and benefit from the increased efficiency and productivity of your business.
  • When you need a particular box(es), just call us and we guarantee we will deliver the box(es) to you within 24 hours.

How secure is it?

  • Our secure, purpose-built warehouse at our Clevedon site is fully alarmed and has 24-hour a day digital CCTV and full fire protection.
  • If triggered, our system provokes a response from the appropriate emergency services as well as an independent security company.
  • All document boxes are securely stored in dedicated archive storage crates inside our modern warehouse facility.
  • Our staff are CRB vetted, wear ID badges and work to our security standards.

If your records become obsolete during storage or you just no longer need them, we also offer a secure shredding service where we remove them from their archive and safely destroy them for you.

For more information or help regarding our secure document storage solutions please feel free to call us on 01275 877900 or email

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