How to solve your Christmas storage problems…

How to solve your Christmas storage problems…

Christmas might well bring plenty of good cheer, but it also brings additional household items that need to fit into your home during the festive season.

Decorations, presents, all that lovely food… plus the Christmas tree – they all need to be squeezed in somewhere. And if you are having friends or relatives to stay you may well need to make extra space for them as well. It’s no wonder that we can feel frazzled with so much going on in our already busy homes!

So with more than just waistbands expanding at Christmas it is a good time to find some temporary storage that will help make some room in your home… and your head.

A variety of options are available at our purpose-built storage facility which is situated in Clevedon just minutes from junction 20 of the M5.

Our self-storage units come in sizes ranging from 20 to 200 sq ft and you access your unit as often as you like within opening hours, six days a week. So if you have curious youngsters who go in search of surprises before the big day this might be a great place to hide away all those gifts! Alternatively you can store away everyday items (big or small) that would be better out of the way during Christmas celebrations.

We also offer containerised storage in our warehouse, in the form of large wooden crates which can hold anything from furniture to boxes of household goods. This offers a slightly cheaper option than self-storage, but access is limited and needs to be booked by arrangement with 48 hours notice. However, this is a great choice if you need to store away bulky items such as furniture or possessions that you will not need for a while.

Both our self-storage and containerised storage is located in our bespoke warehouse at BS21 6RS which has 24 hour digital CCTV surveillance and is fully equipped with fire and intruder alarms. If triggered, our system provokes a response from the appropriate emergency service as well as an independent security company.

drive-up-unitWe aim to make life as easy as possible for you so we provide trolleys, pallet trucks and a free forklift service to help you move heavy items. Drive-up external units are also available if preferred and our spacious service yard allows easy access for large vehicles with ample parking.

However, if the thought of transporting all that stuff puts you off then don’t despair because we can help with that as well. We offer a removal service to and from store. or, if you prefer, we can provide a mobile self-storage unit for your use. With this option, the mobile self-storage unit is delivered to your home – enabling you to load it in your own time. Once you’ve finished packing the unit a simple phone call is all that’s needed to arrange collection. From there your goods are transported directly to our storage facility for safekeeping. Mobile self-storage makes your packing simple (the unit is, in effect, a large box so it is easy to safely load and stack items) and it takes away the need for you to hire a van or transport items yourself – as we deliver and collect for you.

So there really is no need to let Christmas storage become a hassle – we have all the answers and our team has lots of (seasonal!) goodwill to help you manage the process.

So why not call us today to see if we can solve your festive holiday storage problems? We have been in business for more than 100 years and are a local family firm so we have plenty of experience in dealing with our customers’ needs.

To discuss your Christmas storage just call 01275 877900 or email info@yeates.co.uk

Image CC: Andy Melton