Box Shop

box shop

We have a variety of boxes, tape and packing materials for sale at both our Weston-super-Mare and Clevedon sites.

These are available to purchase for storage and business customers as well as the
general public.



Small box (47cm x 35cm x 35cm)         £3.00

Medium box (47cm x 47cm x 52cm)    £4.00

Wardrobe carton                                    £12.00

Tape (132m)                                            £3.00

Paper (5kg)                                             £10.00

Mattress cover (single)                            £4.50

Mattress cover (king)                             £6.00

Armchair cover (twin pack)                   £7.50

Sofa cover                                               £6.00

Padlock (key)                                         £6.50

Padlock (combination)                          £12.00

Bubble wrap (500mm x 10m)               £8.00

Bubble wrap (750mm x 25m)               £15.00

All prices inclusive of VAT

For more information please contact 01934 900525 or 01275 877844.

Please note: Packing materials and boxes are supplied to removal customers on a loan basis. Boxes are then collected once the move and unpacking is complete. 

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