Box Shop

box shop

We have a variety of boxes, tape and packing materials for sale at our Weston-super-Mare site.
These are available to purchase for storage and business customers as well as the
general public.

Packing materials and boxes are charged to removal customers, however we do supply them at a discounted rate.



Small box                                                  £1.75

Medium box                                             £2.50

Tape (132m)                                             £2.50

Paper (5kg)                                               £6.00

Paper (10kg)                                            £10.00

Mattress cover                                         £4.50

Garment carrier                                      £10.00

Padlock (internal)                                   £5.00

Padlock (external)                                  £25.00

(All prices + VAT)

All of the above items are available from our Weston-super-Mare premises. For more information please contact 01934 900525 or 01275 877844.

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