Removals Packing

We offer packing as an extra service and there are a number of options to meet your needs. This can vary from professionally packing just a couple of items to preparing your entire home for removal. 

If you decide to pack yourself here some things to remember…

• Packing takes longer than most people think. So start early!
• Packing and completing one room at a time is the most effective way to pack your house.
• Remember, for all items (apart from clothes) – if it fits in a box, it goes in a box. This is the safest and most efficient way to transport most of your goods.
• Cushion the bottom of the box with paper or soft items such as a towels. Use bedding, cushions and linen when packing your fragile ornaments, this will provide additional protection without wasting box space with unnecessary paper.
• Put heavy items at the bottom, lighter items on top.
• Crockery, such as plates should be packed inside a small box on their side, with paper between each plate.
• Glassware should be packed inside a medium box, standing upright in layers with paper in between each item.
• Books should be laid flat in one of our small boxes.
• Lamps should have their shades and bulbs removed and packed separately; any hard items packed with lampshades can easily pierce them.
• If your box contains sharp items mark the package and the top, it could save your fingers when unpacking!
• Fill all boxes to the top, but ensure no bulging or overfilling.

Happy packing!

Packing properly ensures your goods can be transported safely and that space is used efficiently.

Read our information sheet and watch the video clip below to see how it’s done.


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