Household Shredding

Household Shredding

Most of us have paperwork and files which need to be safely shredded rather than thrown in the recycling. Identity theft can be disruptive and shredding documents is an ideal way to minimise your risk. 

• Items are securely cross shredded.

• 100% of material is recycled. 

• Certificate of Destruction available on request.

just a bit

If you have a small amount you need to shred simply bring it into our Weston-super-Mare premises. Just drop in and we will charge you by the bag. You can also pick up bags from us for you to fill at home and then return.

a little bit more

If you have a large amount of shredding then we can collect from your home and return it to our facility for secure destruction.

simply shredding

We are part of the largest shredding network in the country. Simply Shredding has more than 100 branches and we cover the Bristol and Weston-super-Mare areas. For more information visit www.simply-shredding.co.uk simply shredding

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