Why you might need storage between moves

Why you might need storage between moves

Moving house is a major life event and sometimes a straight forward removal from one location to another isn’t always possible.  Moves can often be complex or unexpected situations can arise, and, in these cases we can help –  as we offer removals, long term storage and self storage, so all your needs are covered. Here’s a quick run down of how storage (whether containerised or self storage) can save the day.

You have a buyer for your home but haven’t found anywhere to buy!

In this instance you might look to rent or perhaps even move in with family or friends on a temporary basis until you have found your next home. Either way, what you don’t need is ALL of your furniture and belongings coming with you! Who wants to unpack everything into a short-term rental just to pack it all up again a few months later? And even the closest family won’t welcome both you AND your collection of model aeroplanes. So, to keep everyone’s sanity it’s probably a good idea to look into getting some storage. If you do not need regular access to your goods (large furniture for example) then containerised storage is the best bet. Your possessions are stored in large furniture containers in our secure warehouse and can be delivered once you have found your new home.

However, if you need a regular fix of those model aeroplanes or the children’s summer paddling pool then self storage might be a better option. Units come in a variety of sizes and you can have access to your goods seven days a week. Often people between moves use a mixture of containerised and self storage to meet their needs. In both cases security is a priority and we have digital CCTV, intruder alarms and fire protection as well as an independent security company and emergency services response.

So there really is no reason to find moving stressful, even if it doesn’t quite go to plan. We offer full packing, removal and storage options so whatever curve ball gets thrown at you we can help you deal with it. Hopefully this explains how storage between moves helps many people each year. If you would like to discuss your removal and storage options call one of our friendly team today. We are always happy to talk you through the process and all the options on offer so that you can find the best fit for your needs. www.yeates.co.uk