Business benefits of self storage

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Business benefits of self storage

Organisations of all sizes are starting to recognize the benefits of using self storage to support and grow their business.

So, what are the main benefits? Could self storage help your business?

Cost effective

No-one likes to waste money and within the current climate, being tied into a long-term premises can be a worry. However, there is a solution – self storage! At Yeates you can rent a unit for as little as two weeks and there is no notice period, no deposit and no long-term contract. So, once you are past the initial two weeks, you only pay for the time you store and no more. It is quick and easy to arrange and just as easy to vacate should you change your mind. In addition, if you use self storage there are none of the business rates, heating, lighting or maintenance costs associated with renting traditional business premises on a longer-term basis.

Flexibility for business support and growth

Business needs can change depending on a variety of factors. Perhaps you have a seasonal business and only need storage at certain times of the year. Or maybe you are growing rapidly and need a flexible option where you have access to extra space at short notice. Either way self storage is a great choice for businesses who might need to flex their space options up or down depending on their requirements. Remember, with no deposit, no notice period and no long-term contract you can’t get much more flexible than that!


Having your goods in the right location is vital so if you have a self storage facility near to where you live or work, or at a convenient travel point, it could be worth considering. Most of the people who rent space at our facilities either live or work nearby or pass our door for one reason or other on a regular basis. Both of our self storage facilities (Clevedon and Weston) are conveniently located just off the M5 and are easy to find and access. Using self storage that is well located also means that if you get deliveries straight to your unit, your goods have the best chance of turning up on time and less chance of going astray.

Great security

Every business needs to know that their goods are secure and safe. Most self storage providers offer good quality security, however, it is important to check and make sure you are happy with the level of security that your chosen facility has. Our self storage facilities at Yeates are purpose-built and include pin code access, digital CCTV, intruder alarms, fire protection as well as an independent security company and emergency services response. At our new Weston-super-Mare self storage facility all our units are indoor and individually alarmed for extra peace of mind.

Easy access whenever you need it

Business hours vary, therefore it is vital that you can access your space whenever you need it. 24hr access, 365 days a year is obviously the gold standard in access options. However, you might only need daytime or weekend access, so the important thing is to make sure the hours of your chosen storage company meet your needs.

The cherry on top….

Many self storage facilities can offer extra benefits for businesses ranging from transport and shredding services to delivery points for goods. With so many people working from home, visiting a storage space can even provide the chance to get out of the house and see a friendly face – and even perhaps share a cuppa! At our Weston premises we also offer the bonus of a business lounge with a small number of workstations and access to wi fi and drinks facilities.

So, self storage is a viable option for many business large and small and can offer the flexibility and benefits that are in demand. If you think that self storage could help your business thrive, contact us for a chat on 01934 900525/01275 877900 or visit our website www.yeates.co.uk   Alternatively send us an email at info@yeates.co.uk