Christmas and winter moving tips

Christmas and winter moving tips

The thought of long dark evenings, cold blustery weather and stressful festive preparations can give anyone a chill, but what if you have a Christmas house move to prepare for too?

A house move in the thick of winter sounds like it could be chaos. At a time when many are thinking about putting up their Christmas tree, you’re simply wondering if you will have enough time to unpack before Santa comes down the chimney!

There are many factors that can make a winter move seem difficult. But, with the right preparation, it can go smoothly. Beat the stress with our tips to help make moving home over Christmas and the winter months that little bit easier.

  1. Change of address
    Give family and friends your new address as quickly as possible to ensure Christmas cards and parcels are sent to the right home. After all, you don’t want mail piling up on your old doorstep. If you’re struggling to update everyone on your move, arrange a Royal Mail redirect. It’s also a good idea to leave behind a sheet of sticky labels with your new address on so that the new tenants or homeowners can forward anything else on. Don’t forget to inform your doctor’s surgery and dentist!
  2. 2. Get Christmas sorted early and quickly This isn’t the year for spending days contemplating whether to buy the pink or lilac bed socks for Auntie Flo… make everything as easy for yourself as possible. And accept invitations to go friends and family gatherings so you don’t have to think about entertaining. Plan to host next year…when you have had time to unpack!
  1. Prepare for bad weather
    Snow is wonderful at Christmas… but not on moving day! While you may move on a dry and mild day, there are no guarantees. Strong winds, heavy rain, sleet or even snow, everything’s a possibility. Get a head start by preparing for all weather conditions.
  • Grit your paths, steps and driveway to keep ice at bay (this will help your removal team on the day and speed up your move)
  • Remember if it snows you might need your spade to clear a pathway!
  • Keep warm clothes and waterproofs within easy reach
  • Although reputable removal companies will bring floor coverings to keep mud and wet off main thoroughfares, it is a good idea to keep any old mats or sheets to hand as a back up for areas you might be working in.
  1. Beat the darkness
    It gets dark much earlier in winter, so aim to be in your new home before the night draws in. If your scheduled move is due to go into the evening, take time beforehand to work out your lighting situation – replace any broken lightbulbs in the house you are leaving and have spare ones ready for your new home. There’s nothing worse than stumbling around in the dark, especially with fragile boxes! Torches for garages and other unlit areas could also be helpful.
  2. Get to grips with your heating
    Be sure to understand your new heating system before the big move in order to get some warmth flowing. Fiddling around with temperature gauges and trying to understand boiler manuals isn’t ideal on top of everything else you need to do on moving day. So, don’t risk a chilly first night in unless you have to!
  3. Shops & Christmas opening times
    If you’re moving over Christmas, finding your local shop isn’t the only thing to do. Remember that store opening times vary over this period, with some shops reducing their operating hours and others shutting down completely. It’s a good idea to find out store opening times in advance of your move to prepare for any last minute trips for your essentials.
  4. Children and pets
    Moving house can be unsettling for children and pets so arranging for them to be left with a friend or family member could be the answer. It also means you can concentrate on moving day without distractions.
  5. Book your removal company early
    On top of festive preparations, there’s no doubt that moving house over Christmas or during the winter months can be stressful. Help from a professional moving company can make the job easier, leaving you with less to worry about and more to look forward to once you get indoors!

Ideally, use a BAR (British Association of Removers) accredited company and book early to ensure you can secure your moving date; availability over Christmas and the winter may be affected by reduced staff or opening times.

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