Declutter for Christmas … hints, tips and our ‘Elf Storage’ offer!

Declutter for Christmas … hints, tips and our ‘Elf Storage’ offer!

The run up to Christmas is a great time to declutter because the festive season brings with it an array of household items (and people!) that need to fit into your home for the annual celebrations. And that means making room for long lost relatives, fabulous food as well as the mounds of presents – both before and after they are opened!

So, all in all it is a great time to clear out the clutter as it will help make sure that you start the festivities with some space – both physically and mentally!

Top tips

The key to successful decluttering is to do it in small, organised sections. For example, if you plan to tackle the kitchen do one cupboard or drawer at a time. Start and finish it before moving on to the next. That way you won’t end up with the whole house in disarray and you will feel you are making progress (however small). This will hopefully encourage you to keep going.

You will also need three boxes or bags for each section of the house. Label these Leave, Throw, Store. Leave is for the items that are used regularly and that you need immediate access to. Throw is for all those out of date receipts, batteries and tins that need to see the bin or recycling centre. And Store is for items that you want to keep but that you do not need immediate, regular access to because you only use them rarely or at certain times of the year. This could be anything from summer camping gear to boxes of files or photographs.

Call on one of Santa’s little helpers – Yeates!

Now you might have some (well organised!) space in the loft or garage where you can leave your Store items. However, many people find their homes overflowing at this time of year and finding extra space can be a problem. This is where we can help. Yeates’ Self Storage facility has all the extra space you need and we have special festive offers that are especially geared to help take the stress out of your Christmas preparations.

This year we have introduced ‘Elf Storage’ – our special Christmas promotion which provides short-term, totally flexible self storage at our purpose-built Clevedon facility. You can hire a small locker or a whole room, depending on how much space you need. ‘Elf Storage’ is available for a minimum of two weeks and is then charged by the day, so it is very cost effective. Prices start at just £5 a week (plus VAT) and you can access your goods as often as you like six days a week. So, whether you have a sack full or a sleigh full, ‘Elf Storage’ could be just what you need.

We can help with transport too..

Remember if getting your goods to and from our warehouse is a problem we offer a transport service which takes away all the hassle of hiring a van or loading and unloading into your car. Just call us on 01275 877900 for details.

Need a delivery address?

To really lighten your Christmas load how about getting your goods delivered straight to our warehouse? We will even put your packages straight into your self (or ‘elf’!) storage unit for you if you wish. All free of charge for our customers!

We are located at BS21 6RS just minutes from junction 20 of the M5. Our bespoke units and lockers are situated in our main warehouse which has 24 hour digital CCTV surveillance and is fully equipped with fire and intruder alarms. If triggered, our system provokes a response from the appropriate emergency service as well as an independent security firm.

We also offer internal container and external shipping container storage as well if you have larger items to store – we have both short or long-term options.

So there really is no need to let Christmas decluttering and storage become a hassle – we have all the answers and our team has lots of (seasonal!) goodwill to help you manage the process.

So why not call us today to see if we can solve your festive storage problems? We have been in business for more than 100 years and are a local family firm so we have plenty of experience in dealing with our customers’ needs.

To discuss your Christmas storage just call 01275 877900 or email info@yeates.co.uk