These DIY Tips Will Make Your Bank Holiday a Success!

These DIY Tips Will Make Your Bank Holiday a Success!

Bank holidays are highly sought after long weekends that are ideal for carrying out household tasks and home improvements. If you’re looking to give your home a refresh, now is the perfect time! With a tranche of bank holidays just around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of DIY tips to give you a helping hand.

Whether you’re buckling down for a mass DIY project or preparing to undertake the annual spring clean, these DIY tips for an effective bank holiday are sure to make a difference!

Plan ahead
Review what needs to be done and work up your plan of action. Create the ultimate checklist by breaking home improvement projects up into manageable tasks that can be ticked off as they’re done. Don’t forget to make a list of tools, materials, paint or cleaning products you need and get them ready! Doing this ahead of a bank holiday will help you to get everything in place for the big weekend with no hold ups. It also helps you to plan your time and see how long the tasks are likely to take, so you can still work in valuable time with family and friends.

Declutter first
Spring is the perfect time for decluttering and getting organised. Before you start tackling DIY jobs or cleaning, we recommend a clear out! From paperwork through to furniture you no longer want or need to put in storage. Make sure you have plenty of boxes for storage, shredding bags for disposing of old documents and bin liners or recycling containers for all that rubbish! Take one room at a time and remember to take a break… just make sure you get started again!

Dispose of the clutter
When we say declutter, we really mean it. Once items have been cleared and boxed or bagged, move them! Take them straight to their destination, be it the charity shop, tip, storage unit or for shredding. Having boxes sitting in the garage waiting to go will easily become another job. Never put boxed items back into a spare room or cupboard as you’ll be at risk of hoarding when you can be making space!

Carry out home improvements
With clutter dealt with and no distractions, you are ready to start work on home improvements. Freshen up tired areas, repair or replace anything that is broken, make new installations… whatever you need to do, simply work through your list. (You’ve planned ahead, remember?)
If you’re undergoing major works, you may benefit from keeping furniture and belongings safe by moving them to temporary self storage.

Spring clean
Now it is time for the big clean! Apart from general cleaning some of the best ways to instantly brighten up your home include cleaning the windows, wiping down woodwork and cleaning grout and limescale in the bathrooms. Tidy away anything out of place and don’t forget to clean behind or underneath furniture that hasn’t been moved for a long time! Sparkling kitchens are also a must if you are looking to sell.

Don’t forget outdoors
With the front garden setting a first impression and the back garden being your outdoor living space, the outside of your property is just as important as inside! Make the most of your bank holiday by making sure the space is clean, tidy and welcoming; ready for the lighter, brighter months. Get ahead of weeds, long grass and plants that need to be pruned or cut back. Clear away any stray toys, garden rubbish or old plant pots, wipe down the door and windows. You may want to buy new plants, doormats or garden furniture. It’s amazing how even small accomplishments can make a difference!

If you’re planning a DIY project over the bank holiday and need a removals, storage or shredding expert at hand, Yeates can help. We’re a firm with a 100-year local history and plenty of experience in dealing with customers’ needs. Just call 01275 877900 or email info@yeates.co.uk.