Essential Guide to Packing Fragile Items

Essential Guide to Packing Fragile Items

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When you’re moving there are so many things to think about. Transport, pets, where’s the kettle! But what you don’t want is anything getting broken. All those fragile heirlooms – Granny’s crystal glasses, a precious ornament you brought back from some faraway place, that clay model of a dog with two heads – the list goes on. And you don’t want to break any of them (well maybe the dog!). So where to start?

The first thing to do is give yourself plenty of time to do the job. Ornaments, collectables, fragile vases and the like are not usually essential to everyday living. Jobs like packing glassware will always take time so get those items packed first, well before your moving date. It’s good to get your breakable valuables tucked away safely.

If possible dedicate an area specifically for the job. A bedroom maybe or the garage. Somewhere where you can get all the ingredients you need assembled and they can be left in place during the entire packing process, which might, of course, take several days or even weeks!  And a table to work on is ideal, say a dining table perhaps or any suitable flat surface.

So now you’ve got your space organised what next? Well, it’s time to assemble the necessary bits and pieces. You will need the following:-

  • Boxes. Don’t skimp here. Strong cardboard boxes will protect your valuables whilst they are moved and/or stored. You will need various sizes depending on the scale of your fragile valuables. (Tip: Yeates always have a wide selection of boxes available – just give us a call).
  • Wrapping paper. Yeates will supply the right paper for the job (Tip: towels, tea towels, sheets, fabric pieces, pillows and even duvets can also be used to pack out the boxes and help protect the contents.).
  • Bubble wrap, which we don’t supply, can be purchased online. This can be used for larger items. It comes in various sizes of bubble, widths of roll and even in special forms such as pre-formed bags. A medium size bubble is likely to be suitable for most tasks. (Tip: Wrap using the bubbles on the inside for maximum protection).
  • Packing tape. Vinyl tape is available in a variety of strengths and widths. Again Yeates can supply.

Now we’re ready to go so let’s get started.

First, choose a box the right size for what you are packing. If the items are heavy use a small box. Larger boxes for lighter items. Now prepare your box. Close and securely seal the bottom flaps. Then turn the box open end up ready to load. Crumple some of the wrapping paper and form a thick cushioning layer in the base of the box.

Heavier items like dinner plates should be wrapped first, in small groups interleaved with paper and then bundled together. When fully wrapped they are stacked on edge, forming the bottom layer in the box. Check out the video on our website on the Removals Packing page to see how this is done. (we liken this process to ‘wrapping fish and chips’). Smaller pictures and framed photos can be wrapped and stacked in the same way too, always on edge.

When this bottom layer is complete, crumple more wrapping paper to form a cushioning protective layer and continue wrapping and packing, this time with lighter items like teapots, bowls, mugs and heavier glasses like tumblers. Then repeat the process with another protective layer of crumpled paper and fill the top layer with glasses and fragile items, all wrapped in the same way of course. Glasses, mugs and cups should be loaded into the box with their rims pointing downwards. And remember crockery and glassware can be quite heavy so not too much in a box! Finally, top out the box with more crumpled paper so that the box is completely full and then seal the flaps. And don’t forget to label the box clearly with a marker pen so you know what’s in it!

When packing other fragile items such as larger mirrors and pictures, wrap the mirror in bubble wrap and tape up. Keep them upright with no weight on top. A protective sheet of cardboard on top of the bubble wrap over the actual glass of the mirror or picture will help prevent unwelcome damage. But as a general rule of thumb, we suggest that if you can’t box an item then leave it to Yeates. We have vast experience and specialist techniques when it comes to wrapping larger items. Also with really valuable or fragile items, it’s best left to the professionals – it’s what we do after all. Just ask us for a quote and take the stress out of moving.

So good luck with your packing and keep those breakables safe.

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