Essential tips for self storage success

Essential tips for self storage success

Spring is a great time for new starts so maybe you are keen to make a move and need to get your house on the market. But then you realise that you’ve got more ‘stuff’ than you first thought and it all needs a place while you renovate or decorate.

self storage

Or perhaps you’re not moving at all but need to free up some space at home but you want to hang on to precious belongings in your life, heirlooms or furniture. Perhaps you want to save family items for your children or to furnish that holiday home you’ve got your eye on.

Whatever the reasons, you might need short or long-term storage and that’s something we’re very good at, with our state of the art facilities and secure storage units we can help solve all your problems.

So what are our top tips for successfully storing your goods?

Whilst it’s not difficult to put your items into one of our storage units, the process will go more smoothly if you check out these storage tips.

Clean items before storage

The first thing to do is to make sure that whatever you’re going to put into storage is clean and dry. It may sound obvious but if your items go into the storage facility clean then, when you come to access them, they will be ready to use after just a light wipe.

Moisture Protection

Make sure that you are not trapping moisture when you wrap your items as this can cause them to deteriorate. Take particular care to protect pictures, photographs or any fabric items as moisture is the enemy of such things. Even wooden or metal items will suffer from tarnishing or deterioration if not correctly stored.

Clean and dry before wrapping is your target.

Furniture Storage

When it comes to larger items such as furniture, it’s always a good idea to take items apart wherever possible as they will be easier to move and store.

  • Take the legs off tables if that’s an option
  • Remove cushions from chairs and sofas and wrap them separately
  • Beds should be disassembled, with the slats removed and bundled together

It’s worth remembering that sofas, pictures and mirrors should always be stored on their end to prevent having lots of weighty boxes stacked on them.

Always store furniture by wrapping the items with cloths and blankets rather than plastics like shrink wrap. This will allow air to circulate and the furniture to breathe. And don’t pack the unit too tightly, if there is no space between items then damp problems could occur and items may get damaged if things are squeezed into every available nook and cranny.

All of this preparation not only helps with the transportation and handling of larger items but also makes the storage unit easier to pack. And don’t forget to label as you go so that when it comes to reassembling your items you don’t have to do it from memory!

Put all of the fixings, like bolts and screws, in a bag and attach it to the piece of furniture that they belong to. Seal all boxes and put lids on containers to prevent dust penetration and stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom.

Storing Books

Books can be heavy, so it is important to box them in small containers and keep the weight down to about 12-15 kg max. per box for easy movement. If packed correctly boxes of books can provide a sturdy base on which to stack other boxes.

Prohibited items

Finally, it is always best to check with us first regarding what items you may put into your self storage unit as certain items are prohibited. Petrol, oils, gas containers and anything flammable are a few examples of what is forbidden.

We’ll be pleased to advise and help with your project to ensure that storing your goods is a pain-free experience. And when it’s time to retrieve your items, if you follow our storage tips then all your precious pieces should come out in good condition.

Happy packing and storing!

If you would like to speak to us about your self storage requirements or find out about any of our other services, then please feel free to contact us via email info@yeates.co.uk or give us a call on 01275 872251.