Hints and tips for a smooth move

Hints and tips for a smooth move

Moving can be stressful however here at Yeates we have many years of experience and there aren’t many situations that we haven’t dealt with. Even so there are a few things that you can do which will help make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day. Most are common sense but it always good to have a checklist, so here it is…

 Before move day                               

  • Once an offer has been accepted contact us ASAP to arrange a quotation and discuss availability.
  • Highlight any specialist or particularly valuable items along with any furniture that might need dismantling.
  • Start packing early. We supply all the necessary packing materials. Please use the small boxes for heavy items such as books and crockery and large boxes for things like clothes and shoes. Remember to leave clothes in drawers, this will save you time packing and space on the van.
  • Alternatively consider using our packing service which is very cost-effective and reduces your workload in the run-up to your move.
  • Advise us about any parking or access restrictions well in advance. We need to get our vans to you on the day! Please reserve parking spaces if necessary (we can lend you some cones if that helps).

Once you have exchanged contracts contact us ASAP and book your move – this is essential as we cannot guarantee availability until you have exchanged contracts and paid your deposit.

  • Speak to your neighbours and tell them when you are moving, especially if you share access or other space.
  • Don’t forget to clear the loft and sort out the garage!
  • Be charitable and have a clear out. We have an ongoing partnership with Children’s Hospice South West offering a collection service on their behalf. If you have good quality clothes, furniture or homeware that can be sold in their shops we provide sacks which we will collect on your moving day. Please remember though that it has to be good quality. Anything that is not saleable has to be binned – at a cost to the charity.
  • Arrange to have all electrical items and white goods, such as cookers, fridges, washing machines and light fittings disconnected and ready to move. Our teams are not trained electricians or plumbers so goods need to be disconnected in advance.
  • Dismantle any necessary furniture unless you have arranged for us to do it. This needs to be discussed before we supply your quote.
  • Remember to take down any curtains, blinds and curtain poles you are keeping.
  • Think about how you will care for, and transport, your children and pets on the day.
  • Make sure everything you are moving or storing is clean and dry. Damp or dirty appliances don’t store well.
  • Consider your insurance options. No matter how much care is taken, accidents do sometimes happen. We offer comprehensive cover that meets BAR standards. Please ask for details.
  • Make sure we have a telephone number that you can be contacted on before, during and after the move.

On the day

  • Make sure you leave out the kettle – you will need a cuppa and our removal team never say no to a biscuit!
  • Have  faith in our team, we have been moving people for many years so try and relax and leave the hard work to us.

For more information or advice call 01275 877844