Creating a moving house checklist is guaranteed to keep those stress levels at bay

Creating a moving house checklist is guaranteed to keep those stress levels at bay

We all know how stressful it can be to move to a new house, but as the oldest family run removals company in Clevedon and the Bristol area we’ve got a few top tips to help things go smoothly. So, here’s our 2019 moving house checklist.

1. Make a checklist of all those important must-dos as soon as your offer has been accepted

Doing it now before everything gets frenetic ensures all those small things that make a big difference don’t get forgotten. Questions like where’s the stopcock are best answered before moving day.

2. Choose your removal company as soon as possible

Removal diaries get very busy so make sure you keep in touch with your chosen removers when you are planning completion/move dates.  Ringing around at the eleventh hour for a removals company isn’t good for anyone’s stress levels.

3. A must on any moving house checklist is declutter  

Use the time before your moving date to review everything you own and challenge yourself to only take those things you really need or cherish.  If it’s not working for you any more –donate it to your local charity shop.  This is also a great way to reduce your removal costs too.

4. Start packing up those rooms you don’t use much first

And, get the kids to pack up their own rooms – decluttering as they go.  Also, remind them not to overpack boxes and to put all heavy items at the bottom.  Labelling boxes is a must.

5. Pack those things you need most last

This way they should be the first off the removals van and remember an inventory saves a host of problems when looking for particular items.

6. Talk to your Broadband provider before moving day

Another great moving house tip is to have a conversation with your planned Broadband provider way before moving day.  These days internet connection is considered a utility to many, so make sure you’re not left for days or weeks disconnected from the rest of the world. This is a must for all homeworkers.

7. Prepare for a deep clean

We all hope to move into a home that’s been left in the same condition as the one we’ve just vacated. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.  If you can delay moving in for just a day and invest in the services of a professional cleaning company, it’s definitely money well spent.

8. Pack a survival kit

This can be a game changer on moving day.  Fill it with bedding, toiletries, toilet paper, phone chargers, tea bags and coffee, and anything else you need to get through those first few nights.  A pair of scissors is also handy to help open all those packing boxes.

9. Redirect your mail 

This can be done as soon as you know your moving date and makes sure any important letters (or bills) don’t go astray.

10. Consider storage for between moves

If you’ve work to do in your new home, consider contanerised storage as an option for all those items that aren’t needed until the renovations are completed.

Remember that moving is a team effort.  Get everyone involved from the outset and make sure you pack a goody bag bursting with tasty treats and drinks to keep energy levels up and everyone hydrated throughout the day.

Our final moving house tip. Moving to your new home should be a great experience.  Remember to enjoy it and make sure you have a bottle of wine readily at hand at the end of the day to celebrate!

Here at Yeates, we offer a host of additional removals services ranging from full or part packing to dismantling or reassembling furniture.  Our job is to make your move as stress free as possible. Just get in touch for a quote and leave the hard work to us.