Self storage for business – the simple solution!

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Self storage for business

Self storage for business – the simple solution!

In recent years businesses large and small have had to display some creative thinking about how, and possibly where, they work. This has led to an increase in self storage for business. There are many ambitious entrepreneurs, national and local businesses that are utilising self storage to maximise their resources and improve efficiency.

Perhaps you own a rapidly expanding local business that needs flexible, good quality space or maybe you work for a large national that needs a regional hub? The answer? Self storage for business!

Alternatively, you could be thinking of starting a business but you can’t yet commit to renting long-term space… or maybe you now need to work more flexibly scaling up and down quickly to meet customer demand. Or perhaps your home-based business is doing so well that you need more space to expand and develop.

Demand for self storage for business is on the increase, and for obvious reasons – it is convenient, flexible and there are no monthly utility bills, business rates or onerous long-term contracts. Plus, you can expand or reduce the size of your space as your needs change – so you are never paying for space or resources that you do not use.

Here are just some of the organisations that are already benefiting from using self storage for business…

Retailers – online retailers need somewhere safe and secure to store their goods and also package and prepare for delivery. Even some high street shops don’t have room to store all their goods and for years they have used self storage to ensure they carry enough stock.

Manufacturers – believe it or not, even if companies have premises to make things, they don’t always have room to store it as well! With easy vehicular and lorry access to our sites, delivering and storing large amounts is simple.

Tradespeople – plumbers, builders and electricians, they all use specialist equipment and materials which they might not want to carry around every day or leave in their van overnight. We have all heard about break-ins to trade vehicles as thieves know expensive and useful equipment could be stored inside. A self storage unit provides a secure and easily accessible space for all those tools and materials.

Office based businesses – even businesses which have office space sometimes don’t have enough storage for items which are not used daily such as event paraphernalia or archive files which need to be kept for a number of years to meet regulations or best practice. Self storage is a great way to clear the clutter and have a clean and tidy workspace that reflects a professional business.

National businesses – that are searching for regional or local hub to store goods or even hold meetings (at Yeates we have a business lounge that can be booked out by the hour).

Charities – charities carry a lot of kit for fundraising events such as banners, pop up stands, furniture, staging and so on. And it all has to be stored somewhere.

Sports clubs and activity companies  – if a number of sports are catered for, at after school clubs for example, then a central place to store goods might be vital. After all who has room at home for 20 tennis rackets, a dozen rounders bats, 50 cones and some goal posts?!

Catering and events management companies – these firms need a lot of storage. Think weddings (cake stands, decorations, signage or bubble machines!) conferences  (IT equipment, branded stands or pop ups or even tables and chairs). Or perhaps even themed events for birthdays or milestone events – Disney, 1960s, rock n roll….

Ebay and Amazon sellers – there are lots of these about. You name it, it’s on there… vintage clothes, old records, musical instruments. No-one’s house is big enough for all those dresses and guitars.

Dressmakers/upholsters/carpet suppliers – fabrics, samples, left overs…this type of material can take up a lot of space so a storage unit close by that is easy to get to is a bonus.

These are just a few examples and there are many, many more, so using self storage to support your business could be a great idea. The business storage pages of our website provide all the details, including benefits, such as:

  • No long term contracts, just a two week initial stay.
  • No deposit
  • No notice period (after the initial two weeks)
  • No utility bills
  • No business rates
  • A signed for, receipt of delivery service
  • Out of hours access, seven days a week
  • Digital 24 hr CCTV security, burglar and fire alarms linked to an independent security company and the emergency services
  • A business lounge where you can pop in, use the wi fi and grab a coffee during your working day (available at our Weston-super-Mare site only)
  • A friendly team who are always happy to help, smile and even sometimes share a cuppa!

For more information about self storage for business, contact Yeates Self Storage on 01934 900525  or 01275 877900, email info@yeates.co.uk or visit www.yeates.co.uk