Self Storage in Retirement with Yeates

Couple in kitchen packing boxes
self storage can ease the transition when retiring or downsizing

Self Storage in Retirement with Yeates

Embrace retirement with clarity and freedom by utilising the self storage services that Yeates in Weston-Super-Mare offer. Free yourself from the burden of possessions you’ve kept out of obligation, or items belonging to your children. You don’t have to part with cherished memories or sentimental items when downsizing or decluttering. It isn’t necessary to cram everything into your new home – why not consider storing them safely instead?

Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Retirement often means downsizing, but that doesn’t mean you need to let go of all your belongings. Yeates offers personal storage units perfect for furniture, boses or other items that won’t fit in your new home but are too precious to part with. Enjoy the process at your own pace, knowing your belongings are safe.

Important Documents

Certain documents, like financial records, are essential to keep for legal reasons. If your new home lacks the space, Yeates’ storage units are an ideal solution for your paperwork. You can store these documents securely and access them whenever you need to, without the pressure of sorting through them immediately. This also applies to old photo albums and other items you want to keep safe and secure.

Travelling During Retirement

If your retirement plans include extended travel, you might need to sell your home. Yeates provides a trustworthy self storage solution, so you don’t have to depend on friends or family to store your belongings. This way, your items won’t end up in cold attics, damp cellars, or misplaced during decluttering.

Duplicate Items

Over the years, you might have collected duplicate items. While giving them to friends and family is an option, they might not have the space to accommodate them. Yeates has the room you need to store these extra items securely, so that you have easy access to them when you need them in the future.


Yeates in Weston-Super-Mare ensures the safety and security of your belongings, providing the peace of mind you deserve in retirement. Our storage units are equipped with state-of-the-art digital security systems. Whether you’re spending time out of the house or traveling abroad, rest assured that your possessions are safe with us.