Starting the new year with a declutter?

Starting the new year with a declutter?

There are few things that are more rewarding than having a clear out. Whether it’s the garage, the attic or our wardrobes, getting rid of out of date and old items can feel very refreshing. However, during the process you will no doubt come across possessions that, although you don’t use or need them every day, you don’t want to bin. These could be favourite childhood toys or clothes, seasonal items such as ski gear or beach paraphanalia or even paperwork that you need to keep. Having somewhere safe and secure to keep possessions without clogging up your living space is a luxury that can really improve your quality of life. And that is where we can help.

Self storage can help with your decluttering as it provides a space for all those things that you don’t want to part with because you like them or might need to use them again one day.

Our clean, dry, secure and indoor self storage units are ideal for many items. Here are some examples of the kind of things our customers use them for:


  • Christmas decorations – we seem to go bigger and better every year…who has space to keep all those flashing reindeer, inflatable Santas, lights and baubles? We do, of course!
  • Out of season, or out of size (!) clothes – that evening dress that you WILL get into again one day, foreign holiday summer beach wear…unfortunately it could be while until we need that again (sorry!).
  • Sports and camping equipment – some items are seasonal so let us store them until you need them.
  • Grown-up children’s possessions – have your children moved away and never taken the contents of their bedroom with them? This is a familiar tale. Do you have the heart to bin it all? No, of course not. However, you do want to reclaim your spare room for that study or hobby you are planning….
  • Talking of hobbies….many of customers don’t have space at home to accommodate their interests – from craft ware to model railways..we have a room for it all.


Let us help simplify your life. Give us a call today on 01275 872251 to discuss your self storage options. Alternatively email info@yeates.co.uk  Units range in size with totally flexible terms (from two weeks to as long as you need) and no hidden charges.