Top ten tips when selling your house

Top ten tips when selling your house

Spring is a popular time to put your house on the market and look forward to a fresh start in a new home.
However, if you hope to achieve the highest possible price there are some important tips that estate agents and property experts often list as vital to help ensure a speedy sale. As a local removal and storage company we have met lots of sellers over the years so here are our favourite top ten tips when you selling your house:

1. Stuff, stuff and more stuff

Declutter – your collection of shells, cuddly toys and porcelain squirrels might bring you great joy, however, don’t expect a prospective buyer to consider them with the same affection. If you have a lot of furniture and possessions consider moving some of it out so that buyers can see the space on offer and not get distracted by too much clutter. Renting a storage unit is an ideal way to keep your possessions safe until you move into your new home.

2. We’re not suggesting you are dirty, but…

Clean, clean and clean some more. Sparkling kitchens and bathrooms are a must and don’t forget to do the windows, hob, oven and fridge  – it really makes a difference.

3. Feel the love

removals & storageRepair any broken handles, taps, cracked tiles or switches etc. that give the impression of an ‘unloved’ home.

4. On the bright side

Open blinds and pull back curtains to let the optimum amount of light into each room.

5. Pale and interesting

Consider redecorating if you have ‘distinctive’ tastes – black walls with orange and lime green stripes anyone?! It might be boring… but neutral still sells.

6. As for Fido, Dido and Fred

If you have pets make sure their beds and food bowls are clean and that there isn’t any evidence of fur (or anything else!) on soft furnishings, carpets and so on. Also consider where your pets will be when viewings take place….remember some people might not share your love of Rover the rat, Tommy the tarantula or Sidney the snake.

7. Take a deep breath

If anyone in your household smokes, you have pets or children (one of those covers most people!) consider getting the carpets cleaned to remove any unsightly stains and odours.

8. Bring the outside in

Don’t forget to tidy up outside – clean and tidy any children’s play equipment, cut the grass, weed the garden, trim the hedges, clean the decking or patio (hire a pressure washer for this) and wipe down any patio furniture.

9. The ten second rule

Take an honest look at the front of your house – first impressions count so make sure yours has the wow factor. Does the front door need a clean, a repaint or a new letterbox? Is the front path clear of weeds and are the bins stored away? Would an outside mat or potted plant make your doorstep more inviting?

10. Don’t freeze them out

Make sure the temperature is comfortable – keep the heating on for viewings in winter and open windows to let fresh air in during warmer months.
These are our top ten but mainly it is just common sense and you will probably know where the weak points of your house are and the easy fixes that you could do to prepare it for sale.

So once you have ticked off your to do list, get your house on the market and hopefully you will have buyers knocking your (newly painted?) door down! And don’t forget that Yeates can help with storage, removals and shredding so give us a call to discuss your needs – 01275 872251 or email info@yeates.co.uk