Why is spring such a good time to sell your home?

spring removals
Spring is a popular time to move house

Why is spring such a good time to sell your home?

Every year as the first signs of spring start to appear it seems that the property market begins to warm up too. But is it really a good time to sell?

It seems that March is the month that many of us come out of our winter hibernation and start dreaming of sunnier days ahead…and this leads to an increase in people wanting to move. So, house-hunters come out and more houses go on the market. On average this push starts in March and goes on into early summer.

There are many reasons for this. Increasingly people value gardens and outside space and with summer approaching it motivates many people to investigate the idea of moving. So, if you are selling your house then spring/early summer is a great time to show your home to its best advantage – with flowers budding and everything greening up. And even if you haven’t got a garden, viewing on a warm bright day is always going to bring more light and warmth into your property….. and hopefully cheerier house-buyers too!

Undoubtedly the merest hint of spring in the air evokes an urge for new beginnings and fresh starts in many of us. The signs are already there this year, and estate agents and property experts are expecting a busy period. The last two years of Covid mean many of us are now keen to make progress. Plus, although many have suffered financially, there are others who have benefitted from less commuting, working from home and not going on holiday. Perhaps you are one of the many who have actually saved during the last two years?

So, if you are looking to sell this spring here are three top tips…..

Firstly, tidy and clean everything both inside and outside your home. Declutter and freshen up. Fix that broken cupboard door/regrout those tiles. First impressions DO count. Throw out what you don’t need and if your home is still rammed full then consider storage for a few months so that potential buyers can see the space on offer.

Secondly, if you have a strong personal sense of style you might want to tone it down a bit for sale. Sorry, but in most cases neutral colour schemes are still the quickest way to secure a sale.

Thirdly, make sure each room is dressed for a purpose – dining room with a table (not a rowing machine) bedroom with a bed (not a knitting machine) lounge with a sofa (not a home office). You get the idea!

All this may take some effort and you having to adjust how you live in the short term, however, it will be worth it if you can achieve a quick and easy sale, not least because if you have sold or have an offer on your existing property, it puts you in a much stronger buying position when you find your dream home. So, get some spring in your step and before you know it that rowing machine will be back in your (new) dining room and you will be enjoying the summer sun in your new garden!

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