Why you would be foolish not to use mobile self storage!

Why you would be foolish not to use mobile self storage!

So just why is mobile self storage so popular?

From cupboards waiting to bury you in an avalanche of bric-a-brac to garden sheds visibly creaking at the seams, having enough storage space can be a problem. Mobile self storage units are an increasingly popular way for individuals, families and businesses to store the things which are important to them – offering a secure and convenient alternative to using traditional storage solutions. From temporary storage whilst moving home or office to longer-term safekeeping, many people are now turning to mobile self storage as an easy, cost-effective and, above all, safe way of dealing with their belongings.

So, how does it work? Here’s the low-down on how mobile self storage units could be the answer to freeing up more space at home or work…

Storage that comes to you

drive up unitsWith mobile self storage, there’s no need to load your car up before weaving your way across town to your chosen storage facility. The beauty of a mobile self storage unit is that it comes to you. This makes it ideal for anyone who doesn’t have their own suitable transport. The mobile self storage unit is delivered direct to your home or business address – enabling you to load it in your own time. Once you’ve finished packing the unit a simple phone call is all that’s needed to arrange collection. From there your goods are transported directly to our storage facility for safekeeping. Mobile self storage makes your packing simple (the unit is, in effect, a large box so it is easy to safely load and stack items) and it takes away the need for you to hire a van or transport items yourself – as we deliver and collect for you.

Safe and secure storage

Whether you are storing personal items or business equipment you can feel assured that it is well protected. In addition to the benefits of packing the items yourself each mobile self storage unit also comes with at least 15 free transit blankets – these enable you to wrap general items going into storage to prevent accidental damage or marking during transit. As moving and storage specialists, we also sell a wide range of packing materials for more delicate items, allowing you to protect those things which are most precious to you. Once your mobile unit arrives at our storage facility it enters a highly safe and secure environment, protected against intrusion by 24 hour digital CCTV surveillance, monitored intruder alarms and fire protection. These systems automatically contact the emergency services, as well as sending an alert to our independent security providers. For extra peace of mind, we also offer both goods in transit and in store insurance cover at very competitive rates.

So far, so good – But what happens when the time comes to retrieve your stored items?

mobile self storageAccessing your items from store is simple. Just tell us when and where you would like your items returned to and we’ll be delighted to deliver your mobile storage unit – ready for you to unload.

But what if you need to get your hands on something urgently whilst it’s in storage? No problem – just 48 hours notice is all that’s needed. You can then come into our storage facility and quickly access your stored items and retrieve whatever it is you require, all at no extra cost.

It’s this ease of use which makes mobile self storage such a popular method of coping with all those non-essential household, office or business items that can cause clutter. Being able to move and store equipment or possessions quickly and easily enables you to free up space and then have them redelivered, direct to your door when you need them.

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